Friday, March 31, 2006

Piss-off to Peer Pressure

Being human is difficult.

If things are only between you and God, then everything's good, everything's fine.

But now there's other people and they are of all different shapes, sizes and attitudes. You now have to thread carefully.

The problem I have is with peer pressure.

I hate it.

But usually I try to be nice to those who induce it upon me. They are my friends after all.

Thing is, it's hard to say "no" at times, sometimes, most of the time and for some, all the time. You have your own beliefs and intentions but you don't want to disappoint others. So, how?

"If your friends are true friends, they will understand." Bloody cliche. I didn't say that it's wrong or what, but sometimes, even the best of friends won't understand, I think.

One of the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit is gentleness.

Not weakness, not brute strength, but strength under control. You have your convictions and they have theirs. Difference is, you do not get influenced or overwhelmed by their views, yet you still respect what they have to say.

Pretty difficult to achieve, huh? In times like this where pride, power and pressure overflow the world.

That's why gentleness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. It's something supernatural. We can't do it by our own sheer willpower.


I don't know whether you have experienced this.

You say, "yes" and something tells you that you're one who tries to satisfy all - you have no mind of your own. You say, "no" and something tells you you're being nasty and not respecting your friends.

Not sure whether that 'something' is just me or what. By the way, I tend to think too much. I have a split personality - I don't know why. I can hate and like someone at the same time. I can have two extreme, opposite views on something.

I think have said enough...

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