Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bluntly Speaking 4

Please WAKE UP

Please look beyond yourself. Please think of your pastors and leaders who are working so hard. You think it's easy to manage people, you think it's easy to prepare for cell, you think it's easy to be forgiving and gracious to you? Think again.

I'm pretty sick and tired of stupid, shitty excuses here and there already.

God is the Almighty - the Most High. He deserves your everything. And you think your excuse is justifiable? Wake up, lah!

You know, people who come to church dragging their feet, people who switch off during the sermon, people who come because of friends, people who take God's grace for granted - I've had enough of these kind of people.

I know everyone have struggles and very big challenges in life.

But do you think the leaders have none? Do you think the leaders have a smooth-sailing voyage all year long? THINK AGAIN.

Leaders struggle with their work, their academic lives, their family commitments, and do you think they deserve your lukewarm and lackluster attitude?

Definitely not.

I pray that God will reveal your heart to you. That He will shake you, stir you up and wake up your idea.

I've been guilty of this before. And honestly speaking, I'm more than willing to be disciplined - no matter how severe or strict it is.

It's time you should too.

Starbucks Tumbler Design 1

Oh, Korea I bought this tumbler which has a screw-cap at its base to allow me to slot in my own designs. I thought it was cool to put my graphic design skills back to play...haha.

So, this is what I've came up with. Used mainly Illustrator. Do expect more designs to come, as the heavenly Father pours out His inspiration into me. =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You know...if you start to:
  • look beyond yourself,
  • claim authority from Jesus to rise above your circumstances,
  • view failure as stepping stones toward success,
  • have a vision worth dying for,
  • do things with passion and conviction,
  • correct your intentions and motives,
  • humble yourself,
  • be sensitive,
  • seek God with all you've got,
  • be still and wait upon Him,
  • make Him the first priority and not the last resort,
  • widen your perspective,
  • stand up for your faith,
  • etc...'ll start to live life differently. Very, very, very differently.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

God is really real...

Yesterday during service, God spoke to me through the programme, the flow of events, the worship and a brother's testimony with regards to my previous blog entry "Bluntly Speaking 3".

A very long time ago, I was actually wondering if God is real, could He send me an SMS? But this time, He responded to my blog entry and I knew for certain that He's really simple as that.

I myself can see and feel God working mightily and sovereignly in my life after I decided to make an intentional, conscious effort to seek Him with all I am.

Holding nothing back in our service, ministry and worship unto God is something which He desires.
  • I'm tired and sleepy, yet I choose to wake up early to pray.
  • We're doing our own things, chatting about stuff, yet we decided to stop everything to seek God.
  • I will normally go ahead with my work, but I stopped in my tracks to talk to God.
  • I choose to make it a point to pray.
  • I intentionally seek God, not due to events or circumstances.

13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bluntly Speaking 3

It's the heart, not the song

I'm simply tired and quite sick of the fact that you avoid some worship songs because you either don't like them or they're 'over-used' in certain context.

Well, let me tell you. It's the heart that matters, not the song. I'm sure you know that, but head knowledge is not enough. It's gotta be proven in your thought processing and actions.

And if you think that only certain formula or method or style is suitable to worship God, you're so wrong. If you think that this way works because you're comfortable with it, you're also wrong.

How much does your worship cost you? If it costs you nothing, then you won't be giving your best.

I've struggled with certain songs which I rather avoid, but if it's about God (and it should be), then so be it. I'm sick and tired of being stuck in programmes and structure that limit and constrict my freedom to worship God.

"If the Son has set you free, you are free indeed." How free are you? A lot? A little? Or you just don't wanna talk about it?

Programmes are fine, but if you're placing them higher in priority than God Himself, you better watch out.

I've enough of your bullshit.

I hate your ways, but I still love you. Sorry if I sound harsh, but this is something which I have to make a stand for. God deserves to be worshipped wholeheartedly. I'm just defending this.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I think accountability is a very powerful thing.

For myself, even though there's an extra layer of responsibility and obligation involved (which isn't really the point), there's an attached sense of ownership and empowerment in it too.

That when I tell a close friend that I'm gonna accomplish this by this time, I feel in myself a constructive and positive sense of urgency to get it done. Not that I'm doing it to please him but I'm doing it to uphold my core value of integrity.


Somehow or rather after the entire Korea experience, I return home, not feeling the emotional / spiritual high's, but with greater ownership and expectation of what I can do with my life.

Like I'm more willing to surrender, sacrifice and to be stretched for God. To experience His faithfulness and to be living the abundant life which He intended me to live.

As I planned my school timetable, I know it's scarier as compared to last sem's but I feel assured and certain that it's not all about my studies, but about God.

Not negligence or ignorance, but surrender and submission unto Him.


And I don't know why I have this feeling like something GREAT is gonna happen....

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Night Scene of Korea (this cafe has internet access, that's why)

Hey folks...right now in Korea.

The rest of the group went earlier to visit some fish market. I decided not to join them because I desperately needed to catch up on my rest.

After 1.5 hours of nap, I woke up refreshed and energised. At first, I decided to just explore the vicinity. I walked and walked, pass a police station at a cross-junction (just in case I got lost). Then suddenly, the adrenalin to be more adventurous kicked in.

I braced myself and tried to take the Korean subway.

I roughly got an idea of how their track and station system worked from their map layout. Next, I asked a local how to get to certain stations with shopping malls and all that, so she roughly explained to me in English (which was definitely a remakable effort).

Got out of the station and walked down the street, checking out their nightlife. From what I enquired from the other locals, shopping locations close at 10pm. So what's left right now are mostly convenience stores. And they have soooo many of them.

Okay...I gotta go. Cya all in Singapore soon!

Current station: Kyungsung University
Destination station: Centum City
Track/Line: Jangsan (green line)