Sunday, March 05, 2006

Initiation and what to expect

Its time to get back blogging. The last time I effectively blogged to a recognised audience was some years back. That time I didn't really know what I was doing or talking about. Updates were sporadic, entries were immature - sometimes filled with vulgarities.

Well, I was younger then, and not very sensible.

Let's get serious. Bloggers have a responsibility. Your users (audience) are people with emotion, reason and feelings. We can't just blog what we like to. Topic-wise, yes. But there are some things we have to keep in mind.
  • Users can misinterpret our thoughts, possibly resulting in unthinkable consequences.
  • Users appreciate maturity of thought. Don't just tell them what you did in the day or how you friend offended you. Go deeper. Analyse the situation. Was it really your fault? What do you plan to do next? Ignorance or reconciliation?
  • Users want to learn something. Something that matters to them. Provide constructive discussions and debate about the issues which you are addressing.
And so, let's get started.

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