Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fatigue and Disappointment

Fatigue. Its a packed week in camp, for our platoon especially. We have parade rehearsals and that stupid chemical exercise. Feels like I'm losing my breathing space as the days go by.

The Armed Forces came up with a safety guideline which was to ensure that participants to any activity (not matter how tiring or sadistic) should have at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Many times, this guideline has been broken, if not severly bent. But for this week of ours, we do satisfy that safety regulation.

Problem is, we don't have much of a life. Time's usually spent waiting for orders to be passed down to us, waiting for things to happen, travelling from camp to home and back again (and its really far for people like me). Time's being spent rather unconstructively. And you thought that the Armed Forces was effective and efficient.

Disappointment. Hard and harsh times bring out the true colours in all of us. Myself included. I may have lost my temper, thrown my frustrations all around, cursed others directly and indirectly, etc. But thank God, I'm more patient and tolerant now.

Point is, people around me start to show signs of bad attitude, poor discipline and lack of motivation - to say the least. They begin to take things for granted and do things for the sake of doing them. That's one thing I really hate.

They got the entire purpose wrong and their attitudes are not right. Some throw their seniority around and expect leniency.

Worst of all, some feign illnesses (which they don't have in the first place). Sick bastards. They pre-plan a few days before. And when the hectic days arrive, they strike. They visit their neighbourhood polyclinics, make up some story telling the doctor they're not well and walk out with an MC.

Even worse still, they seem so proud of it. Dammit! This is the part I hate most! They go around boasting that on so-and-so day, they won't be around. Some go further to say that even though they are absent physically, their spirits will be with us.

Yup. They are simply numb about how the rest are feeling. They don't know what we are going through.

Nevertheless, I still respect those who endure and press on despite the circumstances. I long for the weekends...

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