Monday, October 15, 2007

Me is busy bee

I've been extremely busy lately. Not that I want to, but I have no choice...

What frustrates me is that sometimes my busy schedule just eats into the time which I ought to spend with other in, building relationships.

But why are there just so many things to be done?

Maybe it's the season, or the culture, or the circumstances, etc...

In the midst of chaotic running-all-around, busyness, I just hold on to 2 things (or that they are only the 2 things I can do).

1. Pray hard and much.
2. Prioritise well - do things which count.

The rest I'll just leave it to Daddy. You know, He's very powerful and is in control of all things. Heard He's able to stop time too....hahaa...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Currently listening to Sonic Edge Band's: Surrender....

Just love the acoustic guitar's sound in that track.....I guess it's Marcus Wong's Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage...

Okay...back to tutorials and school work....fingers need to rest too, from all the guitar playing today.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Life...enjoying the whole process of it all...

Let me talk about or confess on what I did this week so far and 2 weeks ago (my school's recess week).

For the recess week, honestly speaking, I spent only Monday and a few short afternoon slots to do my work. Other than that, its me on my computer, me on my guitar or me going out. Really.

I've never played so much guitar and enjoyed the whole musical process in this recess week as compared to this WHOLE semester. Coupled with 4 or more occasions of having 11 hours of sleep...woot!

The take-home lesson for myself is: being thick skinned - not being arrogant or rebellious, but being bold and courageous - to dare to relax and pursue my hobbies.

Because I know for many other students, the recess break is a study break for them - to catch up on tutorials, meet up for projects, to mug, etc..Nothing wrong with that, but I realized that since I'll be doing that on the rest of the normal school days, I should make an effort to enjoy myself.

Which brings me to this week. So far, minus the extremely sleepy and grumpy weekday mornings, I've been more excited and happier about living my life. WHY?

It's because I have finally made it a point to pursue my musical passion and that is something which I really want to do...So, in short, it's doing what I like.

Balance is the key. Too much or too little of something is no good. There a time for everything. And it's about daring to step out to pursue your passion.