Sunday, July 26, 2009

Radicalness, faith, fear, boldness

"Dominic, am I a radical God?"

"Yes You are...."

"So you shall go and do radical things for me..."


If my God is a radical God, then I shall be His radical child. If He's NOT my God, I won't be bothered and if He's my God but not a radical one, then I shall be a small, insignificant, powerless child.

A few weeks back God has been challenging me to NOT place Him and myself in a box.

God and I not in box: living freely in His power out of an intimate relationship
God in box, I'm not: manipulation (using God for your selfish purposes)
God not in box, I'm in box: slave mentality in God's Kingdom
God and I in a box: religion

God has brought me to a point whereby there's enough recitation of Scriptures, enough prayer, enough consideration (whether this is from God or not), enough holding back. Not to say that these are bad, but we shouldn't allow anything to hold us back when God has placed something in our heart.

Yes, there is indeed a balance between the reckless and the sanitised. It is wisdom and experience that will allow us to discern this balance. And I realised that I have been living a sanitised and sheltered life too long.

I am currently stepping out in faith, trusting God in several areas of my life, especially in relationships - being there for people and being involved in their lives.

I will also admit that sometimes living by faith can feel like punching thin air and speaking to lifeless walls. But it is my trust in God that supersedes any form of skepticism which says try to say that "Maybe you shouldn't do this, because God isn't there." or "Are you sure God is real in this?"

If you sow the same things, you will most likely reap the same things. So, if you want things to be DIFFERENT, you've got to do things differently. I find this statement (which I did make last time) to be senseless and outrightly stupid, "I want to see breakthrough, but I just won't want to bring myself to step out."

Indeed, fear can be real. I'm not saying that instances of uncertainty, anxiety and fear will not be there, but it is our RESPONSE to that which will eventually determine whether we step out or not. And if there's fear, let's deal with it, together with God. If you do it yourself, the odds might be less. But if you do it with God, you will never know how He's able to expand your capacity and grant you boldness as you step out in faith.