Friday, March 10, 2006

If he doesn't care, should I?

I'm supposed to meet an old friend of mine at Plaza Singapura at 1pm. But I messaged him that I could only come at 3.

It all started a few days back. We chatted on msn and decided we should catch up with each other, since it's been a long time. He sounded so enthusiastic to meet me. Well, if he's showing interest, then on my part, I ought to respond to that interest by making an effort to take some time off to meet him.

Fair enough.

I messaged him the meeting time and place just yesterday. No reply. I then called him yesterday. No answer. I called him twice earlier this morning. No answer. I messaged him the new meeting time. No reply.

Sometimes I just wonder if my God-given kindness is being taken for granted. That I'm always the one trying to please people. That I should change my ways to suit their ways. That I'm the one putting in the effort which some others suck dry.

Maybe, I'm thinking too much - like I always do. The problem with my mind. Sometimes I take things too seriously.

Perhaps his mobile phone died.

But he could still make it a point to call me, to msn me, to email me, to acknowledge that he received my message or just to follow-up on discussing where to meet. If only he could do his part, then.....

I think I should stop.

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