Tuesday, April 03, 2007

To take your playing to a higher level

One very important lesson I learnt from our church's guitar lesson:

If you want to be good at playing or doing a note/chord/song/solo/rift/particular technique/etc...

...do it 1000 times.

If that's still not enough, do it 1000 more times. If not, add more 1000's till you are good/satisfied.

Practice makes perfect. And one thing which the instructor said to us is that there is bound to be pain and practice regardless of your playing competency or experience.

Fingers' gonna hurt and left palm's gonna get cramp. All these pain for the greater gain.


If you think you are very familiar with a song in the key of A, C, D, E or G, use the capo and get a different playing experience.

For the songs in Key G: Capo 2, play in F

For the songs in Key D: Capo 2, play in C; or Capo 3, play in B

Barre chords are good for you. They strengthen your muscles and barring finger. A little practice everyday makes a proficient player in the long run.

Experiment more. That's the fun and vibrance of music.

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