Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Inevitable Holidays

Put it this way: Exams are inevitable, so are the holidays. Have we ever thought of this as well?

I'm kind of having mixed feelings this time, before I start my holidays tomorrow (after I finish my last paper in the morning).

One thing is that I'm glad that I can finally do what I really what to, but the other thing is that I fear I may not have planned adequately for the vacation period.

And for myself, bad planning means a great deal of inefficiency - wasted time, too much staring at the ceiling, too much slacking, etc. All this mean a rather wasted holiday.

On the other hand, I need space and time to unwind and catch up on my other hobbies and commitments without burning myself out.

So what I'll do is to spend the first few days coming up with a more concrete plan for the holidays, and also to purely relax and unwind.

Currently, the things I have in mind and have in store are (not in order of importance):
  1. learn more styles, techniques and tricks on the acoustic guitar
  2. try being a supporting/backup guitarist in my and my parents' cell
  3. pick up the bass guitar
  4. resume learning driving
  5. some personal graphic design project(s)
  6. jam sessions (many many!)
  7. varsity outreach programmes
  8. secondary school camp (logistics)
  9. varsity camp
  10. conference and mission trip to South Korea
  11. campus crusades' training for group leaders
  12. vacation to Australia to visit friends down there (hopefully)
  13. thoroughly tidying up the many shelves in my house
  14. doing my quiet time and worship in the park very early in the morning
  15. training and taking IPPT
  16. cycling around the estates
  17. teaching some of my cellmate(s) the guitar (but seriously, I don't know how to start)
  18. and all the usual chilling out, going out, movies, shopping, etc.

Yup. 102 days to do all these. It's really gonna be an experience.

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