Monday, April 09, 2007


Yes...they are here. Mine's starting on the17th of April till the 27th.

The usual mugging will start soon. But the one thing different this time is that I will still devote time to practice my guitar playing.

The last semester I didn't touch that stringed-instrument for around 3 weeks plus and when I did pick it up after the exams were over, the feeling was terrible. (Not to say that I'm good or what, but) I felt so mediocre. I felt as if I've lost quite a bit of experience during the time of abstinence.

Like swimming or cycling, you can never forget how to play an instrument after putting it aside for some time. The issue is, will your playing skills be as proficient? Answer is no.

Therefore, I feel convicted that there is always a need to at least maintain my playing proficiency. When the exams are over, I will be experimenting new songs, new styles, new techniques, new genres, etc.

I'm always striving to find more things to do with that instrument. To learn new stuff so that there's always something to look out for.

Nothing wrong playing whatever you're familar with, but if you really want to improve, then you will have to step out of your comfort zone to experience something different - then, will you be able to take your playing to a higher level.

And yes, May's approaching, the month (last year) when I picked up the guitar and decided I wanted to learn how to play it. Will talk about the details in another entry.

For now, all the best for your exams. Will see you at the finish line. And will definitely need jamming sessions to release the pressure valve.

God bless!

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