Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm not a workaholic

Please....don't think that my life is all about studies. And all I do is study, mug, and do my tutorials. Don't think that I'm always on the look out to accomplish more. And don't think that I essentially have no life.

In fact, the reason why I'm trying to work so hard (and sometimes place myself in 'overdrive' mode) is so that I have time for other people/things. Because the more work I get done now, I will have more spare time for my other commitments and I can proceed with them without the nagging feeling that I'll have to disengage from them soon to get back to my unfinished business.

I'm currently pushing myself harder during the weekdays so that I have time for church, family, friends and some personal recreational time during the weekdays. I'm not doing this because I'm addicted to my work. No!

There's already a lot to be done.

Sometimes when I'm close to the point of 'death', as in burnout, I feel like throwing in the towel. But I know I'm not doing what I'm doing in vain. In a way, it's the business in life which makes it interesting. Imagine if you have nothing to do, no commitments, no hobbies, nothing to look out for and too much time in your hands...I think that kind of life is a wasted life.

And for those of you folks who think that I'm "missing out a lot" when I stopped playing computer games, think again. What do all these give/benefit you besides the temporal stress relief?

Not to say that I haven't played them before, but in fact, I played away a few years of my life with them. And now, I say that that's the wasted life.

Pick up something more constructive. Computer games isn't morally wrong or detrimental to society, but is that the best avenue for you to channel your time into?

Picking up a skill would be great way to improve yourself and unwind your stress at the same time. Learn a musical instrument, learn a new computer software, learn a new sport, learn how to cook, learn how to fix hardware, learn some soft-skills (time management, effective leadership, interpersonal communication, etc).

Make the best use of your time, because life is short.

And whoever thinks that Christians have no life, PLEASE.... We have the most life, in fact. Eternal life - life in Jesus Christ.

God bless.


joline said...

Love the second last line bro. A hearty Amen!

mimosa said...

The interesting thing is that - we all have the same amt of time.. 24 hrs!

Completely understand what you shared abt trying to cram it all in to have time for people, and the things that matter.

Trust God... he will not want you to fail in your studies simply so that you can contribute to his kingdom.. He doesn't shortchange people.. When in doubt, return to the word, and his promises.

I believe that as you trust him with your time, and even in the moments when you are doing the 'other things' and the nagging thot that u have school work to do, there will be a breakthru in the way you see our great God. As the provider, and not the demander... He never demands of us, but compels us by his love for us.

Kudos to u for giving up the computer games.. i strongly believe that when you did that, there was a break thru and a shift in things... a prelude to many good and better things I see happening in you now.