Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Am almost there. 1 more paper to go.

Was practising for my song presentation this afternoon. To say the truth, "Holy is the Lord" isn't a difficult song to play. The key is in G major and the chords are easy to handle.

Am going to use that song....but the thing is, I'll be playing it differently this time.

In the past, I can just grab the guitar and the pick and hit it. Not really a big issue.

But for now, I'll be presenting the song without using the pick. Just the guitar and my fingers. I'm doing this because:
  • I can fingerpick, then strum
  • I can vary the dynamics
  • I can feel for the strings

The 3 above-mentioned points is (honestly) enough to shake the way I play that instrument. But it takes a lot of practice, patience and perseverance.

Simple to say, but not easy to press on with it.

They say musicians learn faster by seeing, hearing and watching other people play. VERY TRUE!

During the previous guitar lesson, one of the teachers screened a short segment of the Hillsongs "Mighty to Save" DVD. The song "None but Jesus" was shown. It had Darlene Zschech as the lead singer and Reuben Morgan as the acoustic guitarist - that's all.

The way Reuben played the guitar simply inspired me to take my playing to a higher level. There was just such a nice touch to his playing and it really set the mood and atmosphere right for the song.

Furthermore, Reuben was strumming with his fingers! Which is why I need to get that technique right. Also, my guitar teacher is 'pick-free' and his plays exceptionally well.

So much things to pick up and so many people to learn from. I know what I'm gonna do during the holidays...hee...


joline said...

heh, i like what i'm reading bro!

now. if only we had a bass guitarist, that would be so nice.

Dominic said...


Hmm...was thinking of picking up the bass guitar during the holidays though...haha...

Is that a sign? hehe...

joline said...

wooootttt? so you weren't thinking of simply learning more on the acoustic?

er, if you do bass, than who's gonna do acoustic? (unless Roy's around but he usually has stuff on)

Dominic said...


I will practice on my acoustic and try to pick up the bass during the for the time being, i'll still take the acoustic during our jamming sessions...

so, by the time i'm more familiar with the bass, other acoustic guitarists should be more proficient by then...=)

Joline said...

ok, now we need a drummer... tralala.