Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stretched and Challenged in many ways

I'm tired, got many things to do in very little time. Much of time spent on school work, then followed by things for God (church, cell, crusade). What's left is for eating, drinking, rushing here and there, sleeping, etc.

Almost no time for myself. Or if I have, it just passes by way too quickly.

So much things to do. But I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm thankful that such a chain of events is occurring. Must be from God. To keep me on the move and on the ball all the time for Him.

It's like a marathon. To keep going is to keep going. If you want to keep going, you have to keep going (maintaining momentum). To keep the fire for God burning, you will have to exercise your passion and live out your faith daily.

I'm glad that in such a context, there is an abundance of opportunities to step out of your comfort zones, to be challenged by God and to stretch your hunger for Him. It's only in the midst of the storms and when the rubber hits the road when you can finally put all you have envisioned and planned into practice.

I'm being optimistic on this one. It's not that I'm ignoring the pile of work to be done, but I'm seeing things with a different perspective.

Seeing problems as challenges and viewing burdens as opportunities to rely totally on God.

I'm really in a situation where I need God more than ever before.
  • If you're tired or exhausted, don't give up, give it to God and ask Him for His refreshment
  • If you're pissed by the world, don't flare up in anger, ask God for His grace
  • If you're hard-pressed for time, don't ask for less work, ask God for better time management
  • If you're faced with intimidating quantities of work, don't ask to be excused from them, instead, ask God to grant you stronger arms and tougher bodies to bear them
It's only in the furnace of affliction where God refines you. It's only in the pressures of life, where your character will be hardened.

If you're stressed or burdened in the future, think about the diamond. It's because of pressure which transformed filthy carbon into precious stones.

God bless.

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Pope @ David said...

Hey bro, i mentioned to u abt seeing a Godly purposefulness radiating from within you & reading this post now is like a tangible manifestation of that spirit! :D

In everything you are facing now in all aspects of life, your worshipful attitude surely pleases God and facilitates His work in you.

I pray, alongside this "can-do&overcome" spirit, as you continue heartful-dialogue with Jesus; you can honestly ask Him even for a time/place of rest/refreshing to complement the strength/stamina/wisdom granted in accomplishing yr tasks n ministry.

God bless~!