Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My maths tutorial, ahh....

Lemme tell u something. I just finished doing my maths tutorial (even though there are some questions which I have no idea how to deal with them). Started on them since 8 or 9 plus.

Well, that's typical of my maths tutorials. I still remembered my first math tutorial in semester 1 (I'm right now doing my 2nd semester). It's a Friday night and people have left for home after lessons and stuff. And I'm in my hostel doing my math. From 6 plus after dinner right until 10 plus.

My other church cellmates at that time were viewing fireworks at the Esplanade, I can still remember.

And guess what, this piece of work which I spent 4+ hours on is just covered in a 1-hour tutorial slot. Heh...sounds, like not worth it, right?

Wrong! Still must do. Because I am student and I want to be good good student. I want to make God and my parents proud of me.

Wah! I tell you, the sense of satisfaction from finishing it is veri veri shiok, one!

...but my brain going to explode liao...

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