Monday, January 22, 2007

How do you know if something is of God's will?

Interesting question, right?

I think it would be easier to answer if the question was: How do you know if something is OUT/NOT of God's will?

Hmm...from experience (personal and from others), here's some things I found out.

[Disclaimer: These aren't absolute/ten-year-series answers. They are just observations. Such experiences can vary from person to person.]
  • that something is hindering you from worshipping God wholeheartedly
  • that something is something you probably wouldn't proudly and publicly share with fellow believers
  • you feel promptings and spiritual nudges when doing that something and you know it doesn't give you a sense of peace
  • to do that something, you have to make deliberate actions and plans (like the opposite of a God-ordained event)
  • that something is making you suffocated and constipated inside (may be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or a combination of them)
  • that something makes you spiritually numb in the house of God and in the worst case scenario, makes your heart hardened

So, the conclusion is: Stick to His will. Not our wills but His be done.

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manu0liv1 said...

i'm glad u seem to have become real gd at hearing God's voice.

i think u r a very serious & unwavering person. it comes out in ur courage to do street-e, your commitment to do street-e in uni, ur determination to do ur maths tutorials, and now ur resolve to follow God.

keep it up!