Sunday, January 14, 2007

My theme for 2007

I know this may be a little late to state things for 2007, but better late than never.

Ever since a certain string of events in late 2006, the Lord somehow challenged me to take my faith and trust in Him to a higher level for 2007.

So, the theme for 2007 goes along the lines of doing more for God.

During the last week of the holidays (before school starts), by brother (in-Christ) WR and I decided to take time off to do a prayer-walk in NTU and SIM. The night before while I was seeking God for His leading and direction, He gave me some thoughts.

CFC. Not the gas which depletes the ozone layer, but Courage for Christ. It's corresponding question will be: Do we dare?

Do we dare to:
  • make a difference/make an impact
  • do more for Him
  • sacrifice for Him
  • be holy and set apart
  • obey Him
  • step out of our comfort zones
The list is definitely inexhaustive. You should get the gist of it all by now, right?


As much as this is a challenge, this is also a choice. We aren't forced or threatened to do more for God. We still have our free wills intact. God is gentle and gracious.

Bluntly speaking, you don't have to do this. You can still do your own thing, do whatever you are doing, go to church, go to cell, day-in and day-out. Nothing wrong with that. Not sinful. No criminal intent involved.

But ask yourself this question: Is that all? Can I do more?

If we were to do more for God, we have to make the intentional effort to sacrifice and surrender certain things to Him. He can't use us if we still stubbornly hang on to our wills and things not of Him.

If you decide to take the bold leap of faith, prepare for more challenges on the road ahead. Certain things God will remove, certain things God will add. But whatever the case, it's all from His good intentions.


Yup. School's already begun. Instead of feeling reluctant to hit the books and lecture threatres, let us embrace it with anticipation and enthusiasm because God placed us in our respective institutions for a reason.

Take each day, week, month, semester, academic year as opportunities to give glory to God. To be good stewards of His resources. To live the life He made you to live.

Lastly, here's a thought:

Instead of just doing what you/others think you can do, strive for what God knows you can do.


joline said...

hey bro, i was encouraged by this post. Every sentence made a specific impact and made me think about the my own state of affair. YEAH! I'm glad to see you moving forward with the Lord!

Dominic said...

To Jo:

Ello! Glad to know that you're in certain ways spurred on to do more for God as well as to examine your current status quo.

Continue to press on in this race and make the best use of every opportunity to give glory to God.

God bless!