Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm going through a rough patch
Drinking the wine of adversity and eating the bread of affliction
My commitments tested, disciple refined
My willpower pounded, faith stretched

Yet few understand what I'm going through
The many battles waged in my head
Countless struggles and challenges
Many times feeling like throwing the towel

Finally realised the fragility of man's help
Some hear but never listen
Some analyse but can't understand
Some acknowledge but don't empathise

This giant hand grabbed me
Threw me around, smashed me on the ground
Shaken me up - all my desires, hopes, securities fall off
All that's left is that giant hand

That hand is God's hand
And I'm now brought to a place where it's only Him and me


"Those people who just can't see the enemy coming will never understand why some are scrambling to fortify the city."

How far can you see? How distant is your vision? How wide is your perspective?


lychee said...



Ya Chee

. ivan . said...

i commented while i was in the library.. guess it didn't went through!!

i was trying to say:

Alas, i have found a comrade..

Alas, i have found someone who wage many battles over and over again..

Alas, i have someone who acknowledges that there are countless struggles and challenges and is aware of his own situation in them.

Alas, someone who do know that people seldom understand, hear but not listen, analyse but give brief understanding, acknowledge but unable to apply.

Alas, someone who views it the same way as me, that we continue to fight and fortify the city.

Let me try to understand. Let me listen. Let me fight the battles along side you.


Dominic said...


hey there!! hope everything's going well for ya!!!


thanks for being understanding. honestly, people like you are really hard to find...who are willing to go to the deepest of dumps to let a hand to a brother and friend...

i'm sure the Lord is pleased with a heart and attitude such as yours. even if people can't stand doesn't matter...

let's continue glorifying the Lord with commitment and conviction.

God bless!