Thursday, September 06, 2007


It's been some time since I grabbed my guitar and had a solid time of playing and mingling with the strings.

Because of time constraints, the most I can do is to stare at it and 'wish that I had more time to play it'.

But if I love something, I would go the extra mile to make time for it, right?

Same applies here.

Just had substantial practice time with it (not too long ago). It's nice to feel my fingers pressing hard against the bronze/nickel strings and my left palm getting cramps due challenging chord changes and stretching.

Finally, the guitar passion is getting back....hehe...

And there's more to look forward to:
  • dexterity training
  • scales and soloing
  • Jazz
  • Blues

All I have to do, is to make time for it and just get down playin' it. Woohoo!

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