Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lessons on time...

Time is a very big thing to each and every one of us.

What matters is not how much years you have left in your life, but how much life you put into your years.

I've been convicted quite some time ago to live as a worthy and good steward of my time. Time management, like what many of us always hear, is more than just listing the things-to-do and arranging them according to their level of importance, but it's also about looking out for opportunities within the time you have.

One clear way to work on your time management is to minimise inefficiency.

Try to avoid wasting little pockets of time because they do add up at the end of the day. With these little pockets you can take on stuff like praying, reading for edification, or doing a quick recap and revision of your day's lessons.

Also, if you find yourself always being distracted by your own comfort zones (like me), get away from them.

Personally, my efficiency maxes out when I'm on 'foreign' ground with nothing else except the things I have to accomplish. If you always fall for temptation, flee from it next time.

One more thing. If you don't make time for something, you most likely won't have time for it.

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