Thursday, August 09, 2007

I love school!

Yeah! You might say I'm crazy...but I don't really care...coz I'm loving the fact that I'm studying - as in, having the opportunity to materialise my academic pursues.

You see, in life (or the Singaporean life), studies are inevitable. You can't avoid it. And you have to face it no matter what. Also, we should learn to treasure our school days, because people elsewhere don't enjoy the same thing as we do.

So, you can either choose to scrape your way through, or you can enjoy the entire experience of it all. Both ways will still get you to your destination, but the difference is in what you take home during the whole ride.

You can choose to sulk and do whatever that's enough. You put in the minimal, required effort. You fold your arms, take the corner seat, close your eyes and hope that the journey will be over soon.

Or you can choose to put in your utmost into whatever that comes your way - despite how you might feel about it. You do it wholeheartedly for God and you hold nothing back. Even if you don't succeed (in terms of grades, results, or man's expectations), you know that you have already done your best and that is pleasing to God. You open your eyes to the opportunities during the ride, you choose to enjoy it.

I'm sure we will all graduate at the end of the day. But that's not the end of the story. We still have to ask ourselves:
  • how much have we taken home from the journey?
  • how much have we grown/matured?
  • how much have we done which truly counts?
  • how many have been blessed during our journey?
  • etc...

The choice in yours...


. ivan . said...

hmm. true.. same applies to army.. that's how i got outstanding stuff... cos i didnt like skiving thru.. haha.

. ivan . said...

umm outstanding not owe ppl things outstanding!! it is outstanding performance and conduct.. highest already hahaa :P! LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!

Dominic said...


Hey! Yup...I did read about your performance report and review from your blog and I am way impressed by it.

Now, is to use that same attitude, tenacity, spirit, conviction and spirit to serve God wholeheartedly in whatever He places in your path.

God bless!