Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Night Scene of Korea (this cafe has internet access, that's why)

Hey folks...right now in Korea.

The rest of the group went earlier to visit some fish market. I decided not to join them because I desperately needed to catch up on my rest.

After 1.5 hours of nap, I woke up refreshed and energised. At first, I decided to just explore the vicinity. I walked and walked, pass a police station at a cross-junction (just in case I got lost). Then suddenly, the adrenalin to be more adventurous kicked in.

I braced myself and tried to take the Korean subway.

I roughly got an idea of how their track and station system worked from their map layout. Next, I asked a local how to get to certain stations with shopping malls and all that, so she roughly explained to me in English (which was definitely a remakable effort).

Got out of the station and walked down the street, checking out their nightlife. From what I enquired from the other locals, shopping locations close at 10pm. So what's left right now are mostly convenience stores. And they have soooo many of them.

Okay...I gotta go. Cya all in Singapore soon!

Current station: Kyungsung University
Destination station: Centum City
Track/Line: Jangsan (green line)


Issy said...

woah! so exciting! all the best!!!

joline said...

Hey You! Bet getting your hands on the internet feels gooood eh. See you soon! Boy, the girls have planned a few stuff for this year. Will share with you guys when u return. Hope all's well, and God bless!