Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bluntly Speaking 4

Please WAKE UP

Please look beyond yourself. Please think of your pastors and leaders who are working so hard. You think it's easy to manage people, you think it's easy to prepare for cell, you think it's easy to be forgiving and gracious to you? Think again.

I'm pretty sick and tired of stupid, shitty excuses here and there already.

God is the Almighty - the Most High. He deserves your everything. And you think your excuse is justifiable? Wake up, lah!

You know, people who come to church dragging their feet, people who switch off during the sermon, people who come because of friends, people who take God's grace for granted - I've had enough of these kind of people.

I know everyone have struggles and very big challenges in life.

But do you think the leaders have none? Do you think the leaders have a smooth-sailing voyage all year long? THINK AGAIN.

Leaders struggle with their work, their academic lives, their family commitments, and do you think they deserve your lukewarm and lackluster attitude?

Definitely not.

I pray that God will reveal your heart to you. That He will shake you, stir you up and wake up your idea.

I've been guilty of this before. And honestly speaking, I'm more than willing to be disciplined - no matter how severe or strict it is.

It's time you should too.

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. ivan . said...

two thumbs up! i think im going to go back to this kind of writing again.. very long never write like that haha.. wake people up.. write something that would motivate/wake ppl up.