Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back from Varsity Camp...

The one very 'trademark' thing about our varsity camps is the time where people will sit around with guitars and play and sing along side one another.

And that's one of the very things which I look forward to, for each varsity camp. (not to say that the other activities are inferior, or what...)

It's been around 1 year plus since the day I started learning the guitar.

The days of:
  • getting the chord fingerings right
  • trying to play songs which I really love
  • figuring out the rhythm (strumming patterns)
  • seating and awing at how other people play sooooo well

This time round, I got to awe at how people like Pastor John or Marcus run their fingers down the fretboard.

As for myself, it's always a learning journey. And ever since I made it a point/goal/ambition to play well in that instrument, I never fail to recognise people I can learn from and absorb some tips and techniques from them.

Whenever I see someone with superior playing skills, it gives me the drive to improve and to better myself. Not to make myself look good, but to enhance my ability to express myself through music as well as to be able to pass down skills to people who want to learn as well.

I never knew I could teach people the guitar...

I'm seeing that the will to stretch your playing abilities and the conviction to learn beyond what you already know is paying off. In the coming months, I expect to see myself roughing out with the scales for soloing, in Jazz and Blues, and more dextrous finger techniques.


John Chiong said...

you can also explain to people what fiffliss is...

Dominic said...


Hey Pastor! Nice to see ya around and during the camp....

And it's simply hilarious to come up with 'random' words and coming up with credible definitions for bluff others....heheeee.

joline said...

WAH LAO, even online also i laugh until siao.... Flifisss... AHAHAHAHHAAHHAAH

Hi Pastor and Dom!!!

JohnC said...

anyways, i'm just so glad to be there at the camp and i enjoyed myself alot. thanks