Friday, July 13, 2007


I think accountability is a very powerful thing.

For myself, even though there's an extra layer of responsibility and obligation involved (which isn't really the point), there's an attached sense of ownership and empowerment in it too.

That when I tell a close friend that I'm gonna accomplish this by this time, I feel in myself a constructive and positive sense of urgency to get it done. Not that I'm doing it to please him but I'm doing it to uphold my core value of integrity.


Somehow or rather after the entire Korea experience, I return home, not feeling the emotional / spiritual high's, but with greater ownership and expectation of what I can do with my life.

Like I'm more willing to surrender, sacrifice and to be stretched for God. To experience His faithfulness and to be living the abundant life which He intended me to live.

As I planned my school timetable, I know it's scarier as compared to last sem's but I feel assured and certain that it's not all about my studies, but about God.

Not negligence or ignorance, but surrender and submission unto Him.


And I don't know why I have this feeling like something GREAT is gonna happen....

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