Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yesterday was my first time attending the overnight prayer. It's from 11.45pm - 6am.

During the event and all, we prayed for homosexuality issues in our world and in our nation as well as the 3 different ministries in church - [1] youth, [2] children and [3] healing and counselling.

At around 5 plus (where the praying peaked), I was almost on the verge of dozing off and even had to force my eyes open to pray, if not I won't be surprised if my mind happened to drift away in thoughts.


The previous Saturday marks the end of my 8-lesson guitar module for intermediate players.

It was really an experience attending the lessons.

Firstly, I had to wake up very early in the morning and I usually suffer from the lack of sleep because my events and plans for Fridays always end quite late.

Secondly, I was really inspired by the technical skills and passion which the teachers displayed. I find myself wanting to improve my abilities so that one day I can 'be like them'.

Thirdly, my playing style was shaken up violently by the honest and straightforward comments which they made. One of the teachers was very strict with us, yet so accurate in pinpointing the areas which we have to improve.

All in all, I wouldn't be playing what I'm currently playing if not for the teachers and their lessons. Even if I had to endure and bear many things in mind, it was still worth it at the end of the day.

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