Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm having a little efficiency problem

Erm...from what I see myself doing right now, I think I'm experiencing some sort of an efficiency problem. My productivity level's way too low at the moment and I fear for the worst.

I'm unable to wake up on time (6.30am) and I snooze/ignore the alarm clock for too long. When I wake up I dilly-dally and wonder about aimlessly.

I know I've got some admin work to do for church events and camps, but I can't take all day to do them right?

I've got my Blues dummies book and guitars lying around. I play and practice on them. I try new things, tricks and techniques on them. But still, I sense that my life right now is way too unproductive.

I fear I might already be.......slacking....shit!


After analyzing today's work progress (if any), I found out that much of the inefficiency is derived from me trying to do too many things at the same time.

I can have my guitar on my lap, then I practice worship songs, then go check out some blues licks and rifts, listen to their mp3's, check my email, reply emails, surf some guitar sites, etc.

Thing is, I'm a person who's better at doing a few things, if not one, and doing them/it well.

Therefore, I should focus and not digress. One thing at a time, Dominic....one thing at a time.

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