Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Because of my brother's extremely poor results, he's banned from the computer on weekdays.

[If I ever see him slacking and wasting his life away on that machine, I'm gonna....nvm]

I knew it.

God tells us that we reap what we sow. My brother sows procrastination, reluctant attitude and lack of fervour in studies. So, he reaps bad grades and the attached consequences.

We prayed for him. Even when the exams drew near. It's true that God can do miracles if He wants to, but never take His omnipotence for granted.

Don't think that just because you prayed extra hard before the exam, God will do a breakthrough in your papers for you, to compensate for your lackluster efforts.


As much as God gives, He takes away as well.

No wonder grace is called grace. Something which you don't even deserve.

When I didn't put in sufficient effort or have been slack in performance, I never even dare to ask God to do miracles for me. How dare I? I would rather ask Him to reveal the areas which needs correction and for a thorough circumcision of my heart.

God deserves the best from you. You never please God by wasting your life away.

If you have no purpose for living, you might as well not live.

Stop going through the motions, stop doing things for the sake of doing them. Seek something deeper and more far-stretched. Sometimes, there's more than just what our minds can conceptualise.


mimosa said...

Actually God could have given your bro straight A's... and your bro would have known that it was God's hand ... and experience what is means to receive God's mercy...

I think God's first piority is not so much to aportion the "deserved" outcome on us...

We can draw near to God even if we know we do not deserve it... sometimes because we have judged ourselves unworthy to draw near, we decide we are not worthy of God.

But actually, only God can judge that of us, not even ourselves.

I guess my pt here is that while its true ur bro is being a lazy bugger, but God loves him too, as much as He loves you.

From Ben G's sister to Ben S's brother :)

Dominic said...

Icic...it's true that God loves my brother the way he is, but I'm sure that God doesn't want him to remain in his current state.

I'm just saddened, terrified and pissed off by people wasting away and missing out in lives and leaving their potential untouched.

But there's so much we can do. May God take care of the rest.