Thursday, May 10, 2007

there must be more than this

Tim Hughes' title "Consuming Fire" seemed to want to re-ignite a flickering/dying flame of passion in me.

The line, "There must be more than this" kept ringing in my head ever since last week.

And somehow or rather, I feel that at this moment - how I spend my time, how I live my life - there must be more to them. I'm kind of feeling like "it's not it, yet..." and "it's like further potential waiting to be unleashed".

My heart cries out desperately for more. More things to pursue, to engage, to commit, to live for, to give up, to serve, etc.

But some side of me fears burning out and having insufficient time for myself. Internal conflict.

That's something in which God has to help me sort out.


Honestly, I HATE the feeling of not having anything to look forward to.

Especially for my guitar playing.

I'll be uneasy whenever I find out that there's 'no more' to learn. As in, you have expended your current learning and practice resources.

So that's why I ought to read up and find out more on what I can pick up in the days to come. Like what I mentioned before, "To take your playing to a higher level".

I'm not being obsessed with technicalities, but I'm cultivating a spirit of excellence in me, to strive for and give my best in whatever I'm pursuing.

So great to have the Blues to learn and fingerstyles to brush up on....

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