Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just do your best, and God will handle the rest

So many times I worry. I speculate and formulate the various possible scenarios and respective consequences attached.

My mind tries to 'foresee' whatever that may happen if I do this or do that.

Whether its my service/ministry for God, studies, family, church, relationships, there's just so much we can do.

The rest I'll have to leave it to God.

I remember many months back when I was still attending my guitar lessons at church. After the morning lessons, the students headed out for lunch. And many of them are adults.

Full of wisdom and insight.

At my table was Uncle Albert who is probably in his 50's. A husband and a father with lots of experience in life.

In the midst of the strings of sentences and phrases exchanged, this came out (something like), "What should I do about the important decisions in life?"

His answer?

Do whatever you can do. Whatever you cannot do, let God handle it.

You can't control:
  • whether a particular person gives you acceptance or rejects you
  • what your employers think of you
  • whether some folks will return to church or not
  • what other people do with their lives

But all that we can't control, God can.

So, let's leave those to Him.

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