Monday, August 14, 2006

What a Monday...

Packed from 8.30am to 5.30pm, except for a 2 hour break in between (1030-1230). But I spent that amount of time queuing up to collect my laptop. Started queuing from 1030 plus till 1145 plus, I guess.

Thank God I survived the long and pain-staking wait. Got the laptop but suffered from my occassional gastric surges. Didn't feel very good from then on.

Didn't have a proper lunch except for a sandwich from the vending-machine and some chocolate wafers. Ate them during tutorial cause I didn't have time for lunch. Hope I didn't give my tutor a bad impression by munching from my doggie bag while he's talking about some tutorial proceedings.

After the tutorials there's 3 hours worth of lectures (1 hour math, 2 hour economics). Math was a free period cause the lecture was cancelled as the other group was a lecture behind. But there's still the econs one. Felt a little unwell and fatigued as well.

Skipped archery at 6.30pm. Went straight to hall and configured my laptop. Played the guitar and did the more challenging chords. B7 and F. B7's coming fine but I need more practice for a smoother and crisper sounding F.

But I thank God for all He has seen me through so far. And thanks, Dad (both down here and up there) for the laptop.

I think I've got to get a printer next, to print my notes from my hall straight - saving me the hassle from the long lines at the printing shop.


Thank God also for seeing me through last cell's worship. Was my first, but definitely not last. There's more to come and I surely look forward to the future ones.

There are a few gliches here and there, but they are all technicalities, aren't they? Thing is, as long as God is glorified, I'm happy.

Now, back to work.

  1. Organise notes
  2. Tutorials
  3. Read up for coming lectures


eugene said...

hi dom,

guess u're really settling into campus life. the queasy gastric, the fatigue with lectures, the queueing, the decision-making, all these are common for someone getting used to a new environment. heh...when i read my mind fleets back to the long queues in photostating room. the packed sandwich bar whose queue stretches out to the road and intersects with the equally queue going inside the bank. and the grabbing of apples to fill my stomach as i rush out from hostel to lecture 1 minute after the lecture is due to start. hehz.

keep going. i like the commitment and determination to get down to study right way. we're right behind u.

Dominic said...

Hey Eugene,

Thanks for your support and encouragement, not only for now but for all these while.

Yup. Definitely with God's help I can hang in there and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

All labour and work done for Him shall not be in vain.

God bless!