Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ever since I bought a canister of hello panda (tasty biscuits with creamy chocolate filling), I just can't stop. Give me Max Brenner's and I can stop, because I don't want to eat too much and then feel jaded about it.

But that canister of evil...the biscuit pieces are so small, eat one, eat one more. One more's never enough. Even though the chocolate quality isn't actually worth mentioning, it's a simple pleasure to have it in this isolated campus (from the rest of the world).

There's countless pieces in that canister and having one more won't make a difference. Yeah right...only one day and I have finished around 2/3 of it. Hmm...


Stayed back with my friends after the Materials Science lecture to ask the lecturer some questions. When he finished his explanation and we finished our inquiries and all, he mentioned the benefits of attending lectures.

May sound like a no-brainer or something you don't need to know, for some. But I think it's like reassurance - that your trip isn't in vain.

Pay careful attention to the lecturer. Not only on the topic and subject discussed but also the level of emphasis on the respective topics. It's already a hint - if you can spot it. Since our exams are internally set, that means hints will definitely come in handy.

Like if he skips this page but focuses on the other, you should know what's crucial and what's not.

"Study smart, not hard" he said.


Fencing @ 6.30pm @ sports and recreation centre. Got to get moving soon.

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