Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Getting things in order

27 Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready; after that, build your house. Prov 24

Another streak of wisdom from one of my favourite books in the Bible.

In short, get your priorities right. Do things in order. Important ones above and trivial ones below. You know the drill.

Like what my secondary school vice-principal told us during an assembly gathering. Get your priorities right. Imagine a bucket (your life or available time, so to speak) and rocks of different sizes (things to do of varying importance).

Put the bigger rocks in first, then the pebbles and finer sand particles will fill up the gaps in between the boulders. Do it the other way round and you won't even have room for the large rocks.

Get the idea?

For some of us, we can start by putting God first. For others (like me), we can start by stopping procrastinating and whiling our time away.

The time (life) you have is God-given and bought for a hefty price (the blood of Christ). Use it to the fullest extend unto His glory and you will be storing up for yourself treasures in heaven.

Honour Him and He will honour you in return. To God be the glory!

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