Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where I place my Eyes on

Where you put your eyes on determines your focus.

I did mention that I was kind of affected by the scrutiny of others and their opinions.

This goes to show that instead of looking at Him, I'm looking around. Instead of focusing on Him, I use my attention span to take notice of the things around me. In turn, I get affected and my worship to Him would no longer be wholehearted.

I need to place my eyes on God. To enthrone Him in the center of my life and my circumstances. To place Him on top of my priorities. Because the things of this world shall fade away, but He will remain.

Once I focus on God and God alone, I have a purpose worth living and dying for. He is my worth, my meaning, my significance. Apart from Him, I have no good thing and I have nothing. With Him, I have everything. He gives me a reason to live for and that reason will not wear away as long as I continue to fix my eyes on Him.

The moment I take my eyes away, shift my attention, I get distracted. The noise and temptations of this world begin to take footholds in my life and I get blinded to my true purpose.
To go up, look up.
To get lost, look around.
To go down, look down.

God is the only thing worth living and dying for. Humanly goals and ambitions can entice you to pursue them but they are merely temporal. They only bring you earthly rewards and meaning. But Christ can give you eternal, supernatural and spiritual significance if you focus on Him and let Him rule your life.


My life be lifted high
All I have is Yours
I lay down and surrender
My life is in Your hands

Future, hope, plans, ambition
You take charge of them all

Your will be done on earth, in heaven and in my life
Make my life glorify You

Teach me how to be humble and recognise my weakness
Your strength is made perfect in my weakness
Your glory is made perfect in my meekness
Your wisdom is made perfect in my foolishness
Your sovereignty is made perfect in my limitations

Make my life glorify You

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