Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Can't help it lah. Bad food tastes so good. Chocolate, fudge, brownies, mudpies, etc.

But they are real bad.

I'll usually eat all the sinful food first, then ask for forgiveness later.

Yea...and foods of repentance come next. Fruits, vegetables and all the greenies.

Bad food means bad throat means bad voice. Stupid phlegm has been there for the past couple of days. Can't sing that high [as before].


How dare you not practice what you preach?

I need to:
  • get my life and priorities sorted out
  • sleep and wake up at healthy hours
  • have a sense of urgency in the things I do
  • not spend too much time in the bathroom
  • cycle aimlessly one day

"It doesn't matter whether you play well or not. If your heart is right with God - sincerity and authenticity towards Him - it will sound nice to Him."

"Heck what other people say. It's the Father whom you are pleasing."


One more lesson and the Believer Music Beginner Guitar course ends!

Next stop's Worship Dynamics I.


"School's gonna start, huh? Why so reluctant? God has placed you there for a reason. So face it, embrace it, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and He will see you through it all."

"You hahh somemore!"

We stand and lift up our hands

For the joy of the Lord is our strength

We bow down and worship Him now


I don't think I'm going for my school's orientation camp. Too long. 17-22 July. 6 days, leh...


Every breath we breathe, we breath for Him.
Every step we take, we take for Him.
Every move we make, we make for Him.

There's a reason why you are still alive. Heart's beating, lungs are expanding and contracting. You wake up for a reason. There's a purpose in your life - whether you know it or not.

If God:
  • didn't have anything in store for you,
  • wasn't gracious,
  • has no purpose for you,
you would be dead long ago!

So, be a good steward of your God-given resources. Your life, money, talents, etc. You waste it, you'll explain and account for it later.

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chelsea5manutd0 said...

God enjoys our play to Him if it is worshipped from a sincere heart. God made you, gave you that talent, and watches over you as you perfect it. but when I heard u play, i also think u do play v well. definitely ready to lead worship. no need to be hard on urself.

discipline goes hand-in-hand wif self-control, a fruit of the spirit. Successful people are self-controlled. Do pray & ask God to help u stay in gd self-control. but dun feel too worried about being leisurely. instead ask God to speak to you and prepare you, even in your casual moments in this period. for 40-day fast, where i have chosen to abstain from biscuits & chips, am learning self-control too. it's not easy...I gave up once oreidi cos there were v nice chocolate chip cookies from overseas!

y reluctant to start sch again? God has wonderful plans & purposes for u there. uni life is the best time of ur life...u gain knowledge, wisdom, maturity and insight, make frens that will last for life, gain exposure to the world and prepare for employment.

God would want His children to be positive and enthusiastic about each step of their life so that they can really fulfill His purposes and maximise opportunities while living it out. An excited person is proactive & responsible, a reluctant person tends to be evasive, negative, and unmotivated. go in with a positive attitude and i'm sure uni life will be exciting & full of possibilities. lotsa pple u can touch & bridge. Think about ur guitar playing. u always tok about it wif such enthusiasm & dedicate urself to practice. & look at the state of ur improvement & prospects. i'm sure this can apply to every other aspect of ur life.

do take captive ur emotions by surrendering them to God.