Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stand and Stare Syndrome

It's in Singaporeans. Some...but not all.

It is something which rather pisses me off. Something (out of the blue) happens and all Singaporeans can do is to stand and stare. That's all. They aren't doing anything else which helps rectify or make things better.

If you aren't making yourself useful, then stop glaring. You can look, but don't stare. Move on. You aren't going to improve the situation by just looking.

There are some reasons behind it, I guess:
  • curiosity 1: Oh dear...what in the world is happening?
  • curiosity 2: Wah!! This kind of thing not everyday can see one! Must see somemore!
  • timidity/cowardice
  • indifference 1: Don't know what to do, so how to help?
  • indifference 2: I help later no reward one...
  • indifference 3: I can help but I can't be bothered
  • pride/arrogance
Scenario 1: I'm painting my house's gate

Neighbours walk by. One neighbour I know says hi. Some go about their own businesses. Some walk pass and glare.

What's the problem?

You're making me feel very uncomfortable and nervous. I'm doing my own stuff and I do not need your scrutinizing eyes. Shoo! Go look somewhere else, lah!

From their looks/stares (I think):
  • they're judging my painting skills
  • they're coming up with an idea of my family's level of affluence from the quality of my gate
  • they're wondering why don't I have something better to do
  • "Aiyah...don't know how to paint, don't paint lah...Ask someone more skillful to do the job for you."
Scenario 2: You drop your books/notes/stuff in a rather crowded train carriage

From their looks/stares (I think):
  • they want to find out what's going on
  • "I wonder if he needs help."
  • "Wa lao eh...drop your books, so noisy leh...I trying to sleep lor..."
  • "Aiyah...carry so many things for what? So troublesome..."
  • "Your parents never teach you how to hold things properly, ah?"
  • "Wah!! You still using that calculator? So outdated sia!"
Scenario 3: I'm reading my Bible and minding my own business

From their looks/stares (I think):
  • "Wah! So holy!"
  • "How come that book so many words and the words so small, one?"
  • [certain people] "BLOODY INFIDEL!!!"

Haha...or perhaps I'm thinking too much...

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