Saturday, July 15, 2006

Speak the truth [in love]

Christians have to learn to speak the truth in love.

2 parts. Truth and love.

6 Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.
Col 4

Some lack truth, some lack love. Some even lack both.

But even if the gist of the message is truthful, we sometimes forget to add in the 'love' part. For myself, I'm okay with it. Sometimes, I'm even addicted to it.

I appreciate serious talk and comments from others. I have been pulled one side and told off before. Zero love, zero tact, zero diplomacy, pure, blunt truth.

Really brushes hard against the sensitive side of me. But still, it's for my good and from their good intentions. So, I'm grateful after all.

Real close friends make the truth element clear when they have something important to tell you. They never neglect the facts. They don't let the sugar-coating mask the truth.


But some people....hai...speak falsehood bluntly. I do sometimes, though. Neither healing nor encouraging nor supportive nor optimistic nor edifying.

Some people are un-sensitive. Maybe it's just them. But we still have to love them no matter what.

We have to:
  • love them
  • forgive them
  • accomodate them
  • respect them
But that doesn't mean we have to:
  • like them
  • talk to them (unless they come to us)
  • mingle with them always
  • give in to them
Human issues. People problem. Very difficult to handle.

Lord, teach me how.

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chelsea5manutd0 said...

hello dominic,
unsensitive people are hard to love. in fact, i stimes realise i find many pple hard to love. but this is when i realise how much I need God's grace & love myself.

i challenge u to love even the unlikeable people proactively. love is an act of will, a decision, not an emotion. How would u like it if God loved u but not liked u, loved u yet kept His distance & not listen to u all the time. But if God didn't love us purely or fully despite the many unlikeable things we do in His sight, we wouldn't be able to have the relationship we have with Him. Only if we have the capacity to love the difficult proactively can we truly reflect God's love and touch the person's heart.

simple ways to start, mebbe: deliberately smile at the person when u see him, instead of trying to avoid him. smiling creates warmth.

making an effort to say hi and ask how the person is, even if u must keep the conversation short.

u nvr know, these simple gestures creates warmth, heals past hurts and bad memories, & may even recreate a frenship & an avenue to share the gospel.

it's difficult to conceive, & not wat the normal person would do...

but it's the way Jesus loves us.