Friday, April 07, 2006

Complacency and Lowering Expectations

If you're in the Armed Forces long enough, you will realise that many survive on complacency.

Maybe it's just me and my unit, but it's sad though when you really want to give your best shot at something and then your platoon-mate goes, "No need that can already. No need so garang (enthusiastic) one..."

I admit, sometimes when I'm feeling really down and lazy, I feel how they feel. But on the other occassions, I just can't stand this kind of people who drag you down.

I can't stand people who settle for less. Those buggers just want to relax and forget it all. Pushing work around and disappearing when the going gets tough.

"Get it over and done with."

Very ambiguous.

May mean simplicity in thought - do what you need to do and get moving. There's a lot more work to be done.

May mean complacency - wholehearted effort and half-hearted effort still get the job done. Half-hearted one, lah. It's easier.

When things have to be completed by a team-effort, I feel an urge to approach these people and get it sorted out once and for all.

Then they feel offended - that you are not appreciating their efforts. They sulk and whine and demoralise everyone else. They nag and complain and undermine everyone else's efforts.

Bloody, difficult people.

It's hard to be human.

There's more. You've got to forgive them, tolerate their nonsense, bear their insults and most of all, LOVE them.

That's when you really need His help.


mimosa said...

Read in the papers recently about people doing "tai-chi" in the office.. aka pushing work to other people.. haha...

I guess what you are going through in army is true even in school (project mates with slipshod work..) and the office..

Sometimes human beings can be selfish.. and you wonder why you should take up their slack. Why not just settle for mediocrity? Go with the crowd and do less.

Remember Col 4:23-24. Do it unto Him. :)

mimosa said...

Oops, i meant Col 3:23-24. :)

Dominic said...


Thanks for those verses. Really encouraged me. I did have them highlighted, but problem is, I sometimes do overlook the promises and assurances which He speaks to me through His Word.

Shall look up instead of looking around.

chelsea5manutd0 said...

hi dominic,

passing work is common. in my heart i hear a still, small voice, telling me that after all, the extra work they ask me to do is not too difficult for me to do. i ask God to give me the strength to do it, & to give me His presence to make it more doable. God will answer. & when I've done it, I can win other people's favour & tell them that my Christian values help me to do the task. they cannot deny that, cos I've done them a favour. when next time I need a favour for them (& that's quite often), they will actually help me back, so I am blessed & I win frens. after all we're all in the same unit, & we need each other. as mimosa said, remember who u r serving. God doesn't shortchange those who honour Him. this is prob how pple like Joseph in prison found favour with the prison guard.

James 4:17 - 18. The wisdom that comes from above is pure, peaceloving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy & gd fruit, impartial & sincere. peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.

Dominic said...

dear Eugene,

thanks for your words of encouragement. i admit that sometimes i'm to caught up in stress and frustration that i fail to see that i'm ultimately serving God.

and after pondering, "What would Jesus do?"...the answers become very obvious - love them, forgive them, teach them, and let them see God's goodness in you.