Friday, September 28, 2007

Nice songs need not be difficult to play

Collide, by Howie Day.

Capo 3.
Chords: G D/F# Em7 C ; G/B C D

Yeap. Nice songs can be pretty easy to learn. Found this one on Youtube. Reminded me when I tried playing this 1 year+ back then (when I wasn't really that confident with the instrument).

I learnt that with more experience, you gain more confidence - and you tend to have greater boldness to experiment new techniques and tricks....rather than sticking to the rigid DOWN-DOWN-UP-UP-DOWN-UP-UP-DOWN...haha...

As much as this musical ability is used to serve God, I'm beginning to see its potential value as an asset...some sort of planning for my 40+ years down the road.

I'm investing in this hobby because I can forsee myself teaching younger ones how to play it, in the late it's definitely a worthwhile investment, which I believe will eventually pay off.


Here's a blunt question: Out of the so many hours pursuing [a hobby, interest or activity - sporting, clubbing, chilling, going out, etc], how much beneficial, constructive value have you gained out of it?

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