Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sorry if this sounds cheesy.

Studying (memorizing facts, formulae, concepts, knowledge and all) is like building up your city's walls.

Getting exposure (doing tutorials, past year exam papers, etc) is like training and equipping the troops on the ramparts.

The enemy is slowly marching towards you. At every moment, their army is a step closer to your walls.

If you don't study, you may have troops (without walls) but their line of defense will melt when the enemy charges and pierces through with brute force.

If you don't practice, you may have sturdy walls, but with few guards on it, the walls and defenses will soon fall into the hands of the enemy's siege weaponry.

So, you must study and practice as well.

Dear Lord,

In the things that I do, I ask of You for David's passion, Solomon's wisdom, Daniel's discipline and Nehemiah's diligence.

That whatever I do will count towards bringing You glory.

In Jesus' name,


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