Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Okay, it's our 1-week recess period now. I know, but I'm very stressed.

There's so much things I wanna do (which I couldn't during the normal school days) and there are so much things I ought to do (notice the difference). And add on the usual obligations, duties and roles to perform, etc.

Yes, I'm rather stressed. Even though we're only in the 2nd day of this 1-week break, I can feel the immense pressure on my head and chest right now. The urge to get things done.

You might say, I'm crazy and I'm being too hard on myself, but honestly, I feel worse when the deadline's over and objectives are not achieved as expected. That would make me feel worse.

So that's why I'm pushing myself onwards to diligence and proactivity in the things I do. Doing it all for God's glory.

Hahaha...it's like saying "No" to complacency and procrastination. Yeah, those two are my most stubborn enemies. Whenever I think I'm over them, they suddenly appear beneath my skin.

Hmm...time to get back to my Effective Communication assignment...

God bless!

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