Friday, May 15, 2009

The Beauty of the Lord

Once again, I shall make the resolve to live everyday for the beauty of the Lord.

There are NO substitutes, NO other ways, NO one else, NOthing else, NONE other, than God Himself.

The cry in my heart seems to grow louder and louder each day. It's not that I'm depressed...OKAY...for goodness' sake I am depressed, discouraged and disappointed when I look at certain things or people around me. There's NO doubt in that.

But God is the reason I hold on, the reason I press on, the reason I fight for joy in all that I do.

Even if people (for your info, dealing with people is one of my weakest areas) hate me, spite me, turn me away, ridicule me, say things about me, scheme against me, etc, I shall still cling unto the Lord, if not, continue to pray for grace that I will continue to love Him wholeheartedly and be faithful unto Him.

Back to the "Is Dom really depressed?" part: I really, really thank God for His grace and the inspiring and encouraging people He placed around me who really helped me open and keep my eyes open to the fact and marvel that God is a God of hope.

In other words, my flesh is terribly saddened, discouraged and sometimes terrified by the way some people live their lifes and by the way people are so satisfied with status quo. 

(By the way, I recently realised that if there's one thing that excites me a lot other than guitars and dark chocolate, it will be to help/point others away from their worldly lifestyles to God - from aimlessness/worldliness/status quo to godly destiny and purpose)

But my spirit cannot help but to be amazed that God is really a God of the impossible. That He changes people, He restores, heals and can use even the most disastrous of circumstances for His glory and the good of His people.

My inner man cries for heaven. For Him to take me home. Hahaa...I'm not edging on suicidal thoughts, but imagine this: if a tinge/hint of God (through revelation, His word, people He use, circumstances, etc) can so refresh/awaken/revive/captivate you, how much more when you meet Him? 

So, I'm glad in both ways. That I'm delighted that I'm still around here in this fallen world with fallen people because this is indeed an abundance of opportunities to work with Him to unveil the eyes of the lost and to see Him work His ways. And I'm also joyful that while now we see His hand moving in our midst, then shall we see Him FACE to FACE.

Thank You and love You, Lord...;)

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