Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is indeed an inescapable fact that humans, like you and me, need to be rewarded in order to continue doing something.

Whether it's:
- a sense of achievement
- the sight of seeing someone helped or their needs met
- seeing a cause come to fulfilment
- just simply because it brings us pleasure
- etc...

And looking at the past month, I'm definitely sure that the amount of pressure that has been placed upon me is even greater than the magnitude of commitments I took on during the past December holidays (which caused me to burnout).

But the difference now is that, apart from desiring to serve God and others, [1] I'm doing things out of my LOVE for Him and [2] I'm doing things because He is my REWARD.

I cannot stress enough for point [2] because that was what really ministered to me during this week. With an abundant supply of projects and assignments and the impending examinations, ALL that I think of during this hectic (by conventional standards) period, is just God.

Yes. To be with Him, in Him, for Him, to hold Him, touch Him, have Him, see Him, hug Him. And now I have greater understanding on how loving God can be so pleasurable that it might border on the lines of eroticism - in similar terms to falling in love and having that special someone, multiplied by infinity.

Thus, in a nutshell, ALL I want is God. I am even more than happy if He suddenly takes me to heaven now because that's like a wish come true. But for now, on this realm and in this fleshly and physical self, I shall strive to live my utmost for Him and be wholehearted in all that I do.


The Christian life is simple, but it's NOT easy.

To be honest, it WILL cost you.

But what cost is that to us if at the end of the day we can meet and know our Creator face to face?

So, all in all, it's gain...with exorbitant profit margins...

I personally feel that all the debates across denominations, all the complications of our faith and belief, the various facets of theology, intellect, culture, etc should NEVER hinder us from living for God.

And I believe that it is our inherent fallen nature that we tend to mess and complicate things - bringing in legalism and all sorts of commitments bound to obligation. If we continue to subscribe to these ways, we are surely giving the enemy an easier time...

Indeed life will be much simpler if we all look to and keep looking to God.

- if it's tough, ask Him for help
- if it seems mundane, ask Him to help you stay faithful, before the "bigger and more happening" things come
- if we are already looking, encourage one another and stay firm
- if we don't know how, ask Him for wisdom and revelation
- if we are offended, ask Him to help us forgive
- if we lose out, look at Him closely - He's your reward
- if we gain, give thanks to Him and share the blessing
- if we fail, we only fail if we give up
- if we are mocked, He comforts us
- if we are backstabbed, He's the ultimate Judge
- if we are despised, He still looks upon us with great love
- if we are faithful, He will reward us
- if we stumble, He will help us up
- if we are stuck in a rut, He is a God of breakthrough
- etc...

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lim Gee Yean said...

dear sir, this gee yean writing to you.
one verse would seem to sum up your feeling.
For me to Live is Christ, to Die is Gain.
Understand this was similar in experience, revelation of God to Paul.
Read before and after this verse in Philipian because it will give you more balance and impetus to move even beyond.
From your blog, I can see that God has started a deeper work that will continue more in the days to come.
Brother, the truth that is arising and being reveal to you will found key foundation for you to build truths and understanding that not only you but for others around you to be nourished.
continue to pursue it.... it is the word of God becoming Flesh to you, Alive and Living.
It will be truths that will stir you and enable you even to persevere on.
Take heed the lessons and learn it well bro

May the Lord Bless you with His Spirit of wisdom and Revelation that you may know Him Better.