Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Prayers which stretch your faith

After going through a string of God-ordained events which resulted in me surrendering my closest rights and dearest desires to the Lord, I must say that it’s because of these events which made me walk even much closer to Him.

The greatest challenge is to obey God. It’s not merely a “Yes, Lord” or “No, Lord” affair. It involves more than just that. It’s submission and surrender. Submitting to His will and surrendering all to His hands.

Obeying God is loving God.

15 “If you love me, you will obey what I command.” John 14

Definitely easier said than done, that’s why I know it’s not easy. It may cost you sweat, tears or even blood. But at the end of the day, it’s worth it.

I may miss having those things which God has taken away, but I know that He does this because He loves me. But the joy from what I gained far outweighs the pain of what was taken away. I’m now much closer to God and realized that if it’s not for Him taking those things away, I would not have prayed some of the prayers I prayed recently, not have the magnitude of faith I now have and not have such a closer encounter with His love and all.

God has answered my ‘dangerous’ prayers and will answer some of them in the time to come. Prayers which stretch your faith. Prayers like:
  • “Dear Lord, my desire is to have , but not my will but Yours be done”
  • “If only You could place me in a situation whereby I will be living on the edge and have nothing to rely on except You.”
  • “That instead of asking You to satisfy my desires, Lord, help me to satisfy Your desires.”
  • “That I rather You not give me what I want so that I can love You wholeheartedly than for me to have my desires met and then straying away from You.”
Because You are more than enough for me. Your joy’s my strength and Your loving kindness / love is better than life.

Previously, there were certain areas of my life which are not pleasing to God. I was quite sick of it but still went about my wrong ways. After this incident, the things which I hold on so tightly to were uprooted and God gave my spirit a good scrub.

It’s painful but necessary. Good thing is that I am no longer hiding things from my Master and that I have a clean slate with Him. No more guilt, nor shame, nor hardness of heart.

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