Thursday, June 01, 2006

I finally got to enjoy a full day's worth of rest. After rushing here and there - from home to church office - to make bookmarks.

It was definitely an enjoyable experience working with fellow cell-mates. Colour copying, tearing along perforated edges, laminating, pen-knifing, hole-punching and threading. Lots of laughs, corny jokes, ice cream, root bear, artery-clogging snacks and hospitable church staff around.

In the midst of so much work, I did show signs of breakdown - bad attitude, whining, exhaustion, etc. But the journey was definitely not travelled in vain.

The Lord's really answering my prayer - when I told Him that my free time (when clearing ORD leave) would be for Him. Not part time jobs, no time for myself.

And I got what I asked for.
  1. Varsity camp publicity
  2. Skit/platform announcements
  3. Making church camp bookmarks
  4. Going for church camp
  5. Going for varsity camp
  6. Sec 4 cell visitation (this Sat)
  7. Mission trip
  8. Helping out at JOW (Jesus Only Way)
Sometimes, my head feels like it is going to blow. But if it has to blow for the Lord, then let it be.

Still learning the C and F chords. Will be able to play more songs once I know those chords well. Finger dexterity and strumming patterns come in handy as well.

Yup...back to worship training...

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