Friday, July 18, 2008

God, the workplace and me...

The more I get acquainted with the working environment and the nature of the workplace itself - the less I must look elsewhere and the more I must look at God Himself.

I shouldn't even find incentive to focus on the strengths and good qualities of others or myself - not that it isn't good but it isn't the best thing. People can be unpredictable and I can fall or stumble at times.

But God is perfect always.

The more I walk into the workplace, the more I must go closer to God. Staying put leads to stagnation and anything else implies succumbing to the things of this world.

Such issues CANNOT be negotiated.

It's either you stay on God's side or move over to theirs.

The more I want to bless others and be of godly influence to them, the more I need to draw strength and empowerment from the Holy Spirit. Anything else means I'll eventually run on empty and then start being selfish and start taking things for granted.

In the light of God's awe, consuming fire and presence. I cannot afford to stay still. I have to run to Him. Staying still in itself is a mockery of the goodness of Christ and running away (or elsewhere) is merely mocking our Lord.

I constantly strive to see myself from eternity's perspective.

Excellent academic credentials, a wonderful career, fat paycheques, luxurious sedans, a spacious abode, a beautiful spouse, a well-groomed beagle, an established gigging band or acoustic duet, etc. All of them will eventually fade away in the light of eternity.

Having them is alright. Hoarding them is wrong. Holding back is destructive. Letting go, giving and surrendering is excellent and praiseworthy stewardship. Being obsessed with and by them is missing the point of living.

I just want to be God's wholehearted obedient child...

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